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Can-Am Maverick X3 Bump Steer Delete Kit from Shock Therapy

Bump Steer Delete Tie Rod Kit (BSD) Can Am X3 RS

Shock Therapy’s new Bump Steer Delete Tie Rod Kit is here and does wonders for your Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS. Through rigorous testing, Shock Therapy found that the X3 X RS had a lot of steering wheel feed back in the whoops especially if you run a larger tire and turning in the whoops.

After cycling the front suspension Shock Therapy found over 4 inches of bump steer in the factory system! Bump steer is a change in toe setting (front of tires closer together than the rear of the tires) through the cycle of front suspension travel.

The best set up is as close to zero toe change as possible. If your front tires change toe setting they are essentially doing the same thing as you turning the steering wheel slightly on every bump you hit. Bump steer is one of the biggest contributors to steering wheel feedback, twitchy drive ability, excessive front end wear and worn out forearms from trying to keep the car straight.

So in an effort to eliminate all of these things Shock Therapy developed the BSD (bump steer delete) tie rod kit for the Maverick X3 X RS. The kit relocates the outer tie rod pivot point which changes the front end geometry and lowers the factory 4 inch bump steer measurement down to just 3/8 of an inch!

With the bump steer removed the car is much easier to drive, steer and control. What used to be a two handed steering wheel grab to hold the car in whoops is now just a few fingers on one hand. Your front end parts will last longer. Your car will drive more predictably. Your forearms will have no arm pump. The whole driving experience will become easier.

Full Details: Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs Bumper Steer Delete Kit

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