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CANYON COUNTRY, CA — The 13th annual Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA) Cleanup was held on January 16, 2010, during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Local media reported hundreds of volunteers posting at each of the several check-in locations that were situated throughout the ISDRA.

Originally, the event was organized by Jennifer Whyte and her “Project Sand” as a way to keep the dunes free of trash in the Glamis area. Concurrently, there was once a south dunes cleanup, which was conceived and organized by the Owners of KD Cycle and the previous owners of Duner’s Diner. All of these organizers worked independently of each other, however, they all shared the common goal of eliminating trash and debris from the ISDRA.

The principle organization of the cleanup activities has since passed to the United Desert Gateway, a nonprofit organization started by the chambers of commerce in the gateway communities of Brawley, El Centro (CA), and Yuma (AZ) that surround the Imperial Sand Dunes.

“Once the UDG took over the event, the efforts of two separate cleanups (one in the Glamis area and another in the South Dunes) converged into one event encompassing the entire ISDRA.” said Gene Elwell, ASA Member and cleanup volunteer.

Once again, duners participated in keeping their favorite play area clean by removing trash and debris that was left in the dunes by irresponsible people. “This was a different kind of day in the dunes for our family. We enjoy these dunes, and today we made the effort to show it,” stated Elwell.

In closing, the ASA would like to extend a note of gratitude to all people who participated in the cleanup and let them know that their efforts made a big difference in helping to maintain the quality of this popular off-roading area. The ASA would also like to remind fellow enthusiasts that the ASA web-site has a vast amount of information and resources related to the off-roading hobby. To access this information and learn more about the ISDRA, please visit

About The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area:

The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is located 25 miles west of Yuma Arizona in the California desert that consists of Sand Dunes stretching 40 miles into Mexico. This popular recreation area is ideally suited for Off Road recreation and is visited by 250,000 visitors a year.

About The American Sand Association:

The American Sand Association is a non-profit organization of approximately 34,000 members dedicated to preserving the use of public lands for sand sport enthusiasts’ use, improving OHV safety and promoting responsible land use. Some local sand sport areas include the Imperial Sand Dunes, Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach) and Dumont Dunes in California, Sand Mountain in Nevada and Hotwell Dunes in Arizona. The ASA is a volunteer organization and it relies on the financial support of sand sport enthusiasts and small businesses. Most of the members are family oriented, have a rich family history going back for generations enjoying the sand sport; and most have a significant financial investment in their equipment, gear and campers. Additional information can be found on the ASA web-site at

In the News:

“Hundreds clean up dunes” (Yuma Sun, 1/16/10)
“Hundreds of people turned out Saturday to prevent the Imperial Sand Dunes from becoming the Imperial ‘Trash’ Dunes during the 13th annual Sand Dunes Cleanup. Most of the men and women who were combing the desert sands on their quads had vacationed there during the holidays and returned to make sure the dunes are clean again for next year.”

“Glamis dunes cleanup hauls in truckloads of trash” (, 1/17/10)
“Thirteen years ago, a group of people got fed up with the way Glamis was looking … Glamis was becoming littered with plastic wrappers, utensils and even used diapers. Those who frequented the dunes wanted to do something about it before it was too late for Mother Nature’s good, and thus, the annual dunes cleanup day was born.” Includes slide show of 11 photos from this year’s cleanup.

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