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BS Sand Takes Wraps Off Gel Integrated GLI Seat At Sand Sports Super Show

BS Sand GLI Suspension Seat

Phoenix, AZ — BS Sand has improved the way we wheel… again! The leader in performance suspension seats unveiled their GLI technology at the Sand Sports Super Show this weekend. Short for “GeLIntgrated Seat,” the GLI utilizes medical grade gel inserts to effectively deaden vibration and eliminate pain for longer, with more enjoyable experiences.

“Desert racers, duners, trail riders or recreational rock crawlers, we want everyone to be able to go faster, harder and for longer without pain,” explains BS Sand president Rod Derifield. “Transferring advanced technologies and materials from the medical field and merging them with the latest ergonomic innovations from the motorcycle market, and the proven performance of BS Sand’s suspension system, we are leading the off-road seat industry… again!”

“All gels help when it comes to eliminating vibration, dissipating weight load and absorbing impact,” says ergonomics expert Lars Roulund. “But BS Sand’s new proprietary gel inserts leave the others in the dust.” His graphic hammer-drop presentation at the Sand Sports Show clearly demonstrates the superiority of the GLI gel pads.

“However we also reengineered the lower portion of the seat,” he says. “We have built in a perineal groove in the center and carved out a deeper tailbone relief area. The GLI is ergonomically designed to minimize pressure, maximize airflow and add a cooling aspect to the ride.”

“In addition to the gel inserts, we expanded the bolsters with our exclusive contour cushioning foam,” adds BS Sand co-founder Judi Hagge. “The rider is now cradled in the seat, rather than perched on top of it. Less vibration and more cushion combine to make for a much more comfortable ride for a much longer period of time.”

One of the first GLI seats has already found its way into one of Robby Gordon’s Wildcats (on display at the Sand Sports Super Show) and several other world class desert racers have also been running the prototype BS Sand seats, including Lacrecia Beurrier, multi-time winner of the longest off-road race in America, Vegas To Reno. Judi has race-tested the GLI gel in SCORE Class 19 events and knows the seat of the pants benefits of gel first hand!

“We can’t guarantee you will become a better driver, but we do bet that you will be able to go faster, harder, longer than you ever have with our new GLI seat,” concludes Derifield.

See the difference BS Sand GLI gel makes:

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