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Murieta Equestrian Center Bobcat Toolcat 5600D 4×4

Bobcat Toolcat 5600 4×4

Bobcat Toolcat 5600

Murieta Equestrian Center


The Murieta Equestrian Center is situated on over 120 acres and is comprised of 2 indoor arenas, measuring 60,000 square feet and 25,000 square feet, 4 outdoor arenas, a well groomed and maintained cross-country course,  500 plus stalls, and recreational vehicle spaces with full hookups.

The facility is home to over 40 scheduled events every year. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done around the property. From cleaning stalls to sweeping asphalt. Hauling pallets of shavings to hauling fences, there is no shortage of chores.  Like many facilities, Murieta Equestrian Center struggled with the cost and maintenance of many different pieces of machinery to accomplish all the work around the center. In the end, they found the Bobcat Toolcat and couldn’t be happier with the flexibility of the machine.

Bobcat Toolcat:

Bobcat Toolcat 5600D 4 x 4

The Bobcat Toolcat is designed to have all the best features of a utility loader, pickup truck and attachment carrier. It will not only take you and a co-worker to the jobsite, it will also complete the job like no other machine can.

Bob-Tach™ Attachments

You can replace a bucket with a landscape rake, auger, grapple, snow blower and dozens more Bobcat® attachments quickly and easily with the Bob-Tach™ mounting system. Bobcat Company invented this system over 35 years ago, and it comes standard on all Bobcat loaders. Simply line up with the attachment, lock the levers and go.

Bobcat Toolcat Bob-Tach Attachments

Bob-Tach™ mounting systemBob-Tach™ mounting systemBob-Tach™ mounting system

Front-Wheel Steering & All-Wheel Steering

With a turning diameter of 17.5′, the Toolcat 5600 can maneuver well in tight spaces.

All Wheel Steer - Bobcat ToolcatBobcat Toolcat Turning Radius - All-Wheel-Steer

Hydrostatic Traction Control

Utilizing limitedslip differentials in both the front and therear, the Toolcat HTC system automatically manages the torque split between the high-tractionand low-traction tires. If one wheelloses tractive effort, HTC ensures the wheelwith the most traction will maintain enoughtorque to move the machine through thetough terrain—without the need to engageany locks, buttons or levers. Not only does HydrostaticTraction Control optimize tractiveeffort, it also provides the confidence to maneuver on turf. Traditional off-road,full-time four-wheel drive systems utilizelocking differentials which cause “binding” when turning. This negativefeedback increases turfdamage. HTC eliminates thisfour-wheel drive characteristicfrom the Toolcat drive train, minimizing turftear out when working on grass. Togetherwith front and rear tractive effort andall-wheel steering, the Toolcat drive trainprovides the perfect balance of excellent traction, smooth turning, minimized tirewear and outstanding turf protection.full-time four-wheel drive systems utilizelocking differentials which cause “binding”when turning. This negativefeedback increases turfdamage. HTC eliminates thisfour-wheel drive characteristicfrom the Toolcat drive train, minimizing turf tear out when working on grass.

More Photos:

Pallet Fork Attachment

Sweeper – Cleans and collects debris

Large capacity bucket

2″ Receiver is great for towing

Bobcat Toolcat Video:

Bobcat Toolcat 5600 Specifications:

Engine Cooling Liquid
Engine Fuel Diesel
Horsepower 56 HP
Turbocharged Engine Yes
Operating Weight 5490 lbs
Travel Speed – High 18 mph
Travel Speed – Low 9 mph
Travel Speed – Reverse 9 mph
Machine Rated Capacity 2200 lbs
Fuel Tank 20 gal
Cargo Box Length 56 in
Cargo Box Width 51 in
Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity 2000 lbs
Cargo Box Height 10 in
Cargo Box Bed Load Height 37 in
Total Vehicle Rated Capacity 4200 lbs
Hydraulic System
Auxiliary Std Flow 18.9 GPM
Auxiliary Pressure 3000 psi
Auxiliary High Flow 27.9 GPM
Length 181 in
Length without Attachment 144.5 in
Width 60 in
Width (with bucket) 62 in
Height 81 in
Height with Operator Cab 81 in
Bed Height From Ground 37 in
Cargo Box Maximum Load 2000 lbs
Cargo Box Volume 18 cubic ft
Ground Clearance 8 in
Turning Radius (AWS Mode) 103 in
Outside Turning Diameter 17.2 ft

More Bobcat Toolcat 5600 Pictures:

Bobcat Toolcat 5600D Bobcat Toolcat 5600D Bobcat Toolcat 5600D

Bobcat Toolcat 5600D Bobcat Toolcat 5600DBobcat Toolcat 5600

Bobcat Toolcat 5600Bobcat Toolcat 5600Bobcat Toolcat 5600


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