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Arai XD-4 Helmet Review

Arai XD-4 Helmet

By Jon Crowley

I recently had the chance to try out the Arai XD4 helmet while up at the Oregon Dunes for the UTV Takeover. While at the event, I was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a new Honda Talon 1000R courtesy of Rugged Radios.

Arai XD4 Africa Twin Helmet

Arai XD4 Africa Twin Helmet with Rugged Radios Quick Install Helmet kit

I figured the new Arai XD4 Africa Twin Helmet would be a perfect compliment to riding in the Honda Talon, and the first thing we did is have Steve Bechard from Rugged Radios install their Quick Install Helmet Kit.

As you can see the communication install was super quick and sano and this allowed my Son and I to talk freely while driving.

The Arai XD4 helmet is very cool in that it offers three distinct configurations, allowing the user to choose which works best for their riding needs. It looks like a motocross helmet, but had a full face shield built in. This is the way I tested it, but the face shield can be removed if you’d prefer to wear goggles.  You can also remove the visor and the XD4 is converted to more of a street bike look.

Arai XD4 Helmet Configurations

Arai XD4 Helmet Configurations

I absolutely love the retro look of the Arai XD4 Africa Twin Helmet. But it is the XD4 itself which impressed me the most.  The helmet is very comfortable and has some great features like FCS Cheek Pads with 5mm peel-away custom-fit layer; fully removable, replaceable and washable interior; and top-diffuser-vent ports with nearly double the XD4’s airflow.

Honda Talon 1000R

Testing the Honda Talon 1000R at the Oregon Dunes

In addition to the Africa Twin color scheme, Arai has more than a dozen other styles to choose from including solid and also multi colors so you can be sure to look good in any UTV you ride, Honda or not!

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