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The Defender Limited HD10 package, is available with the Rotax HD10 engine, includes a fully enclosed Cab system with HVAC system. Along with full-seal cab, the onboard, factory-installed Cab kit includes an updated integrated heat management system, air conditioning and an industry-exclusive automatic mode. The auto mode regulates temperatures by operating the heater, A/C and airflow jointly. It is capable, without manual adjustment, of modulating power output of the airflow once the desired interior temperature is met. An onboard compressor improves fuel efficiency while also stabilizing ambient temps and decreasing horsepower loss.

2020 Can-Am Defender Limited HVAC

Defender Limited with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC system
The factory-installed, integrated HVAC system keeps occupants warm even on the coldest morning and cool and comfortable on the hottest summer day. For climate control, you can select from three different modes: Heat, air conditioning and industry-exclusive automatic mode. Auto allows for temperature regulation, without manual adjustments, by operating the heater, A/C and airflow jointly modulating power output once a desired temperature is reached. A variable compressor allows more cooling capacity at idle, improves fuel efficiency and also decreases hp loss when A/C is not needed.

2020 Can-Am Defender Limited with HVAC

2020 Can-Am Defender Limited with HVAC

HVAC and more perfectly sealed cabin ensure a dust-free environment to enhance air quality. Relocated air vents provide maximum cooling and heating efficiency. Eight vents (4 front, 2 lower feet and 2 front window) ensure proper airflow. The system also re-circulates air, automatically introducing fresh air, to maintain ambient air temperature and minimize humidity. Similar to automotive designs, an easy-access cabin air filter can be replaced.

Full hard roof with liner and dome light

A durable, heavy-duty plastic roof with an integrated liner protects the occupants from elements while giving the Defender units a custom appearance and unbeatable fit-and-finish. A standard dome light helps illuminate the cab during low-light situations.

Full doors with electric opening windows

The Can-am Defender Limited HD10 features full black doors to enclose the occupants within the cab. The comfortable and spacious cabin also offers the occupants protection from the elements and, with an integrated heater, warmth in cool regions. The durable doors have modern, electronic-opening windows for added convenience.

Full-glass, tilt-up windshield with wiper and washer kit & rear glass

The full, high-grade glass windshield is durable and scratch resistant. It also includes a wiper and washer kit with a 0.4-Gal. (1.9 L) reservoir for improved visibility in wet weather or muddy conditions. The windshield can also be tilted up (three positions) and outward to increase airflow to the occupants during mild conditions. The switch allowing for opening and tilting the front window was enhanced for increased reliability. This package now features a fixed rear window.

Limited Package Features

– 83-in. (211.5 cm) wheelbase
– 12-in. (30.5 cm) of ground clearance
– Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
– ECOTM / ECOTM Off / Work modes
– 2,500-lbs. (1,134 kg) towing capacity
– 1,200-lbs. (544 kg) payload capacity
– 12.7-Gal. (48.1 L) storage capacity
– Multi-function cargo box with LinQ system
– 27-in. (68.6 cm) Maxxis† Bighorn 2.0
– Rear differential with Turf mode
– 67-in. (170 cm) wide with Arched A-arm
– LED Signature
– Visco-Lok QE front differential
– 14-in. (35.6 cm) cast-aluminum wheels
– VERSA-PRO bench seat with reinforced Limited package seat skin and adjustable driver seat
– HMWPE full skid plate
– 4,500-lbs. (2,014 kg) winch
– XT front bumper
– Full hard roof with liner and interior dome light
– Full cab enclosure with full glass windshield,wiper/washer kit,full doors with electric windows and rear glass – Auto heating and air conditioning (HVAC) climate system
– A/C with variable compressor
– Automatic mode
– 7.6-in. (19.3 cm) digital display with keypad
– Brake holding mechanism
– 850-W magneto
– Limited edition seating / badging
– 1-year maintenance free and easy access to key maintenance components
– Mossy Oak† Break-Up Country Camo† water-dipped option

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