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Ultimate Trailer Tire/Wheel Upgrade from Boar Wheel

Boar Wheel

Are you tired of continual blowouts on your toy hauler? No matter the brand, today’s E-rated 10 ply tires on 16-inch wheels just aren’t up to the task.  

5th wheel toy hauler

Most of today’s toy haulers use 16-inch wheels

The most commonly used tires on big toy haulers are 235/80 R16 and with a relatively tall sidewall they experience extraordinary loads while turning which leads to catastrophic failure. The solution to this issue isn’t in finding a better tire, it is swapping out to a taller 19.5 inch wheel and a commercial grade 225/70R19.5 tire.

19.5 inch trailer tires

19.5 inch vs. 16 inch

With a 16″ tire’s high-profile design, the tire is prone to twist and distort as you turn or maneuver the vehicle.  This creates excessive stress on the sidewalls and belt package of the tire which can lead to unseen damage.  The result is tire blowout, often when you’re underloaded and traveling at speed.  A 225/70R19.5 has 3.5” less sidewall to flex while driving, cornering, and maneuvering your trailer.  It also features about 60% heavier sidewall construction.  This means you have greater stability both on and off the highway.  You’ll especially notice this when carrying heavier loads, the “sway” will be greatly reduced.

Boar Wheel has created a 19.5 inch trailer wheel that allows the use of heavy-duty commercial tires on your trailer.

Boar Wheel brings you the Cruiser 67 as the perfect fit for your trailer with an eight bolt pattern. You can now protect and perfect your trailer, and precious cargo with 19.5 wheels and tires. Upgrade from 235/80R16 or 235/85R16 tires to commercial grade 19.5″. With the same 32″ outer diameter as a 235/85R16, there will be no trailer modifications to address.



With 19.5’s you can expect an extended commercial tire life (some customers have attained well over 150,000 miles before replacement!), increased tow and load capacities (6,050 lbs. load capacity per wheel), and improved fuel economy when towing (many customers reporting a 1-2 mpg improvement). The Cruiser 67 is capable of carrying anything you can throw at it and then some. Its optional lug-centric (1/2” & 9/16” lug studs) or hub-centric (5/8” lug studs) design and 6,050-pound capacity enable the use of many tire options that are right for any load. This wheel will ensure you Get There, every time! 

 Michelin XZE RV Tire 225/70R19.5 – 

  • Beefy, buttressed shoulders help resist tearing and accelerated wear in high scrub applications.
  • Extra strong curb guards help protect sidewalls against most impacts and abrasions for long casing life.
  • Goove bottom protectors help deliver additional defense against stone drilling.
  • Application specific, high scrub compound make the MICHELIN XZE Michelin’s longest lasting regional tire.
  • Deep, wide tread and optimized footprint shape help deliver long, even tread wear. 

19.5 Wheels = Greater Load Capacity:

Overloading and under inflation are two of your biggest reasons for tire failure.  Your typical 235/85R16 Load Range E (most common trailer tire size) can carry a maximum load of 3,060 lbs. at 80 psi.  However, a Boar Wheel rated at 4,000 lbs. capacity paired with a 225/70R19.5 Load Range G can carry a maximum load of 3,970 lbs. at 110 psi.  That’s over 900 lbs. more per tire in load carrying capacity.  

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