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Top 8 Unwritten Rules for Off-Roading in the Desert

AGM Products

Our friends over at AGM Products have some great info up on YouTube that every off-roader should know. If you are new to the sport or know someone that needs a reminder, share this with them!

The UTV or SXS market is growing at a rapid rate. With trails and parks stretching around the world, the off-road industry has never had a better time. But with so many new riders and drivers using the trails, the veterans and old timers need to step up and help educate them instead of scolding them. If we all come together and take care of the land and each other, these amazing trails, parks and deserts will be open for future generations. Here are our top 8 unwritten rules of the desert.

  •  Rule #1 You are not the only one in the desert! Be mindful of those around you.
  • Rule #2 Use Hand signals on the trails so others know how many are in your group.
  • Rule #3 Be Courteous, It’s not that hard to have respect for your common human.
  • Rule #4 Use a spotter when jumping
  • Rule #5 Help other on the trail if they are in need.
  • Rule #6 Uphill traffic has the right of way.
  • Rule #7 When taking a break, park off the trail to avoid any accidents
  • Rule #8 Pick up trash, both yours and stuff that others left behind.

About AGM Products:

AGM Products knows working on vehicles can be frustrating. We create products that help millions of automotive enthusiasts work smart so they can feel confident in their repairs. This allows them to spend less time working and more time outdoors with theor friends and family. We also like to make videos and have some fun along the way.

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