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The Science Behind Shock Therapy’s Shock Forks for the Polaris RZR Pro R

Polaris RZR Pro R Shock Fork

By David Crowley

Contrary to popular belief, shock forks on a Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R don’t typically break during a crash. The weakest point in the shock system is actually where the shock shaft tapers down to the threads where it connects into the fork, snapping the shock shaft itself.  Likewise, there isn’t really any need for a stronger fork (which is the only benefit provided by other aftermarket forks) as it doesn’t address the weakest point in the system. 

Shock Therapy’s Shock Forks for the Polaris RZR Pro R & Turbo R come with an ingenuitive design that’s even currently patent pending. Their shock fork is the only one on the market that supports the shaft and prevents it from snapping or shearing off –– something which only happens when a ball joint breaks or you clobber a rock and rip off a wheel, as seen below. 

Polaris RZR Pro R

Shock Therapy improved the typical design to provide even more strength and support where the system needs it most. With the same shaft and same thread diameter, the design of the shock forks provides support by surrounding the shaft to prevent shear –– reinforcing the shock shaft at the weakest part of the system. Additionally, the two-piece spring perch (which also works with stock shock forks) causes a press fit on the fork which tightens it to the shaft for extra security. 

Polaris RZR Pro R Shock Forks

Polaris RZR Pro R Shock Forks – OEM vs. Shock Therapy

Polaris RZR Pro R Shock Fork

Shock Therapy’s Polaris RZR Pro R Shock Fork & Spring Retainer

The shock forks from Shock Therapy utilize stronger material than stock, and the design produces no loss in suspension travel. Moreover, adding other Shock Therapy components to your vehicle can help provide reinforcement for the whole suspension system, such as Tie Rods.

Polaris RZR Pro R Tie Rods

Polaris RZR Pro R & Turbo R Tie Rods

For more information, see Shock Therapy’s recent video: 

About Shock Therapy 

Dominating the off-road industry as the premier suspension tuning company, Shock Therapy has over 25 years of racing experience and data to build upon in order to deliver the highest quality products to their customers –– whether they’re looking for a plush ride on their weekend toy, or a race-winning setup to ride roughshod over the competition. Unlike most other suspension companies, we don’t just rebuild or re-valve shocks, we physically drive, test, research, and develop all we do to achieve the best possible system for the application. We test nearly every model of UTV on the market on our own, private, 5.5 mile test track with one thing in mind: creating the BEST ride possible with quality components. 

With our suspension expertise, one can exponentially improve their ride quality the minute they bolt a Shock Therapy product on their vehicle. 

For more information, visit the company website at, or find them on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube.

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