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Super ATV Dual Idler Portals Now Available

Dual Idler GDP 6” Portal Gear Lifts

In the world of UTV portals, no name is as recognized or as respected as GDP. That’s partly because Super ATV has invested millions in state-of-the-art R&D facilities. But if you want to know the real reason why more riders choose GDP Portal Gear Lifts than any other brand, it all comes down to experience.

When Super ATV says their portals are made by riders and for riders, they mean it. So they usually don’t have to guess at what you want—they know, because they want the same things. They’re right there with you on the weekends, tearing up the trails and pushing their machines until they break.

Dual Idler GDP 6” Portal Gear Lift

Super ATV’s Dual Idler GDP 6” Portal Gear Lift

And when Super ATV heard the communal cry for a way to go even bigger and badder with your side-by-sides, they didn’t just agree—they got right to work answering the call.

It took years of research, testing, and development, because everyone knows you can’t rush perfection. But they’re finally here: the Super ATV Dual Idler GDP 6” Portal Gear Lifts.

Didn’t think dual idlers mattered? They don’t, unless they say GDP. Super ATV’s are the only dual idler gear portals that are precision ground and built for battle.

The dual idler gear configuration is now available in select GDP 6” Portal Gear Lifts. Choose between a 30%, 45%, and 60% gear reduction.

Whichever option you go with, one thing’s for sure—your ride will never be the same.

You demanded higher performance, so we rose to the occasion. Super ATV took the best damn portal gear lift on the market and made it even better with the addition of a dual idler gear. Thought GDP couldn’t get any stronger? Think again. Dual idler portals add an unimaginable level of strength, giving you all the horsepower and torque you need for hair-raising, teeth-gritting rides.

There’s only one way to wrap your mind around the strength of duals, and that’s to try them for yourself. So what are you waiting for?

  • • Maximizes torque and horsepower
  • • Precision-ground gears mate perfectly every time
  • • Available in multiple gear reductions

Full Details: Super ATV Dual Idler GDP 6” Portal Gear Lifts

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