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Rock Crawling Review: Can-Am Maverick R

Can-Am Maverick R

By Jon Crowley

We picked up our new Can-Am Maverick R from MotoExpo Concord on Monday and by Tuesday morning we were breaking it in on the Rubicon Trail to see if it was a good choice for rock crawling.


  • Ground Clearance – 17-inches
  • Front suspension feels very solid
  • Low-range gearing is adequately low for technical rock crawling
  • Automatic mode for controlling dual-clutch transmission is very good
  • Ability to shift from low to high and vice versa without stopping
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Boat-sided chassis for better clearance
  • Track width and wheelbase are excellent 
  • Good approach and departure angles
  • Quiet


  • Navigation requires cell phone to be tethered
  • While the front visibility is better than an X3, it is still not fantastic
  • I think 1st gear might be a bit tall for very technical rock crawling with 35-inch tires
  • Cannot run anything larger than 35-inch tires without offset wheels or portals
  • Storage is very limited in the cab
  • Hard to tell exactly what 4×4 setting and locker status you are currently in at a glance
  • Front brake line routing is under and in front of arm
Can-Am Maverick R

The Can-Am Maverick R has great ground clearance

Can-Am MAverick R

Low range is adequate with 32-inch tires. Hopefully, it will be low enough for 35’s.

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