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King of the Hammers

King of the Hammers was coined the toughest one-day off-road race in the world years ago because of the treacherous terrain and grueling courses. Nitto Tire saw the value in KOH over a decade ago and began to invest in the company and competitors. We are proud to announce the 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries.

“Nitto has always believed that King of the Hammers is one of the single toughest one-day races in America,” said Chris Corbett, Events and Motorsports Manager for Nitto Tire. “It challenges people and products beyond what the average racer encounters during any other race event. We are proud to carry on this relationship for 2024 and look forward to continuing our racing endeavors with KOH for many years to come.”

King of the Hammers

A significant part of KOH through the years, Nitto has showcased and at times, debuted what has grown to 19 different tire lines ranging from 32” SXS tires to 42” tires for Jeeps, at KOH. The Trail Grappler M/T is the most common tire used across all classes from SXS to 4400. The most popular tire overall is the Ridge Grappler Hybrid Terrain, used on light trucks for towing race cars, SXS’s and campers.

“Nitto has played a big part in making KOH what it is today and we’re delighted to continue our partnership into 2024,” commented Mike Jams, CEO of HammerKing Productions. “They share our passion for the sport, its racers, and the culture that makes KOH great.”

It’s not surprising that some of the winningest competitors are donning Nitto Tires such as the back-to-back current King, Raul Gomez. Nitto is poised and ready for 2024 with a stacked team including former KOH Kings: Shannon Campbell, Erik Miller, Loren Healy and Josh Blyler. We’re told to watch for some surprise additions to the roster before the flag drops!

The 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries is scheduled to take place from January 18 to February 3 in Johnson Valley, CA. For more information, visit and follow the event on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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