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Newly Revealed Heavy Duty Ball Joints

“The Heaviest-Duty Ball Joints You Can Find on the Market” 

PHOENIX, Ariz., January 24th, 2023 –– A bold new company taking over the off-road industry with their high-quality, affordable products, Black Ops Machine proudly introduces their new Heavy Duty Ball Joints. 

Generally, ball joints provide a pivot point between the vehicle’s suspension and wheels and possess a large range of motion –– allowing for maximum wheel travel and articulation, which is essential for navigating difficult off-road terrain. As the suspension moves up and down, the ball joint allows the wheel to move with it while still maintaining alignment, strength, and durability. This helps improve traction on uneven surfaces and reduces wear on other suspension components.

Heavy Duty Ball Joints

These ball joints in particular are made to be especially heavy-duty, with the housing and support cup as well as the stud made from 4340 Chromoly and 300m steel, respectively. The dust boots are made from CR/Neoprene, and the adjustment plate cap is 6061 aluminum. 

Likewise, as Ryan Bezanson, the founder of Black Ops Machine said, “These are the heaviest-duty ball joints you can find.” 

Moreover, they are fully adjustable and rebuildable –– in order to keep you riding longer, faster, and harder than ever before with the minimal amount of long-term maintenance possible. The ball joints can be fully disassembled, cleaned, and regreased to ensure you’re good to keep riding for miles and miles. 

While we always recommend replacing all of your ball joints at the same time, we sell them individually. 

About Black Ops Machine

Founded in 2022 and based in Phoenix, AZ, Black Ops Machine set out on a mission to make high-quality replacement parts and accessories affordable for everyone. 

Admittedly, “Our great prices may offend other manufacturers,” says the founder, “but Black Ops isn’t worried about offending anyone. We will continue to bring great quality products at an amazing price no matter whose feelings it hurts!”

Dead set on making the amazing off-road experience more affordable, Black Ops Machine is straightforward about what we offer. If you are easily offended, or if this makes you angry, feel free to go pay more for the same, or lesser quality parts elsewhere.

What’s more, Black Ops Machine proudly offers all first responders an additional 5% off their online orders with coupon code MILITARYFIRSTRESPONDER.


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