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New 35-inch SS360 Tires Now Available

35-inch SS360 Sand & Snow Tire

The most playful sand tire for UTVs on the market, now in two more sizes

YORBA LINDA, Calif., May 9th, 2023 –– A leading aftermarket off-road tire & wheel provider, System 3 Off-Road proudly introduces two new 35-inch sizes to the existing SS360 Snow Tire and SS360 Sand Tire lineup.

35-inch SS60 Sand & Snow Tires
Boasting a lightweight two-ply carcass and low-rolling resistance, the tires minimize stress on the vehicle’s driveline and belt. The interlocking tread pattern provides for unmatched all-terrain handling, with the ideal combination of cornering traction and straight-line propulsion.

While known for its flotation and control in sand dunes, the SS360 delivers the same powerful performance in snow country. The broad base and interlocking tread pattern help pack cold and snowy terrain enough to enable the vehicle to essentially float on snow. In both dry powder and wet snow environments, the SS360 tires effectively propel the vehicle forward without digging a trench in the snow. 

35-inch SS60 Sand & Snow Tires

Undeniably, System 3 Off-Road designed the most playful sand tire available for UTVs. The MSRP for the 35×11-15 and 35×13-15 comes out to $331 and $351, respectively. 

About System 3 Off-Road

The team at System 3 Off-Road lives and breathes their work. With decades of experience in the off-road tire and wheel business, they have a deep understanding of their products and the vehicles they serve. System 3 sticks to three key fundamentals desired by off-road enthusiasts: traction, strength, and style. That performance benchmark continues to propel System 3 Off-Road ahead of its competition.  

System 3 Off-Road tires and wheels are exclusively distributed by Tucker Powersports. Visit the Dealer Locator site to find a retailer near you. 



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