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GBC Celebrates its 25th Year in the Powersports Industry


Anaheim, Calif. – April 23, 2020 – Since its well-received arrival into the Powersports Industry in 1995, GBC Tires has maintained its focus on an ever-evolving strategy to establish relevance and longevity in an industry known for rapid change. Over the past 25 years, GBC has taken pride in designing and creating quality tires that have helped propel off-road exploration, recreation, and racing.

Today GBC tires would like to acknowledge and thank all of our friends, family, supporters, sponsored athletes, and business associates who have worked tirelessly to help us grow into the company we are today. All of our successes and accomplishments over the past two decades are a direct reflection of the relationships developed and nurtured throughout the past 25 years. Moving forward into 2020, we remain rooted in the principles that have carried us here, delivering premium quality products at an affordable price to keep those who depend on our tires moving forward in life safely and confidently. So regardless of what tomorrow or the days ahead may hold, one thing is for certain: we welcome the opportunity to conquer all of the challenges together as one.

GBC currently offers 15 performance tire lines for both ATV and UTV vehicles and has always been at the forefront of innovation by creating multiple industry firsts, including the revolutionary Mongrel as well as The Mini Mongrel – the first tire designed specifically for youth SXSs. With plans to develop even more exciting products in 2020 and beyond, GBC will continue to strive for excellence by keeping our finger on the pulse of consumer needs, taking on diverse partnerships, and supporting countless elite athletes across the nation who love the sport of off-road racing as much as we do. 

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