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BRP Introduces new XPS 10W-50 oil for high performance off road engines

XPS 10W-50 oil

BRP is introducing a new XPS oil to meet the demands of high performance off road engines, including turbo and supercharged engines. XPS 4T 10W-50 is formulated specifically for the higher stress these engines experience, especially when used in warm temperature climates.

Kyle Chaney

Kyle Chaney is his XPS equipped Can-Am Maverick X3

XPS 4T 10W-50 is blended using the highest quality synthetic base stocks and unique additives designed for off road use where extremes of moisture, heat, dust, dirt and abuse are much more common.

XPS 4T 10W-50 goes far beyond what conventional oils would to protect smaller capacity recreational engines. Conventional oils are designed for high mileage, steady rpm everyday driving, they don’t have the same kinds of corrosion and shear protection needed in recreational products with smaller oil capacities. In the off road world engines are subjected to higher RPM, constantly changing speeds and large variance in weather and terrain conditions, which is where this oil excels.

XPS 4T 10W-50 has undergone rigorous testing in worst case scenarios to prove itself and this year will be used by many Can-AM off road racers including 2017 TORC PRO MOD UTV champion Kyle Chaney and 2017 BITD UTV Pro Production Turbo champion Phil Blurton.

Phil Blurton

Phil Blurton is his XPS equipped Can-Am Maverick at King of the Hammers

XPS 4T 10W-50 will be available in April 2018

Additional product benefits:

  • Shear stability from a powersports-optimized viscosity modifier to ensure oil maintains viscosity, especially in sumps shared with a transmission
  • High performing detergency vs. benchmark oil testing – noted most at high operating temps/higher cylinder head temperatures
    JASO MA2
  • Reinforced with antioxidants that keep oil fresh – beneficial for recreational vehicles that are not driven daily and operate in extremes

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