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Assault Industries introduces Alpha Straps Tie Down Kit

Assault Industries Alpha Straps

Take Assault Industries Alpha Ratchet Straps wherever you go! These 2 inch (50mm) wide straps are made from an ultra-strong polyester weave and feature high quality coated hooks and a large, heavy duty, easy-to-use ratcheting mechanism.

Each of the 4, 16ft (4.8m) long included straps have a 3,300lbs (1497kg) working load and a 10,000lbs (4536kg) break point. Each strap kit comes with an Assault Industries storage bag to keep your gear neat and tidy. Assault Industries branding is printed on the black straps and bag. Secure your stuff with the best!

Assault Industries Alpha Straps

Assault Industries Alpha Straps

The tie down kit is available now with a retail price of $109.99.

To learn more about this great product or to place an order, visit, call (714) 799-6711 or email  

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