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Yamaha GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit for the YXZ1000R

Yamaha YXZ1000R GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit

The GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit is designed to aid your YXZ1000R through the most rugged, technical and diverse terrain. This innovative system reduces overall gearing, providing enhanced torque control. The GYTR kit reduces the YXZ1000R’s final gearing by 30 percent for balanced close-ratio performance, as well as an additional 40 percent to first gear for ultimate low-speed crawling.

The GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit includes a CNC-machined OEM transmission case to eliminate the need for grinding, modification or outside machining, an adjustable speedometer calibrator for precise speedometer readings in YXZs with aftermarket tire sizes, and all genuine Yamaha parts and components necessary for installation.

GYTR’s Torque Assist Gear Kit is available for the  YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS through the Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories catalog and dealer installation recommended, but not required.

The Torque Assist Gear Kit provides 30% reduction (70% 1st gear) vs. stock gearing when your terrain demands the ultimate accessory for low speed and tight trail riding. It stands out by providing all the necessary Yamaha Genuine Parts required (*Yamalube sold separately) for installation. The optimized MCU (YXZ1000R SS only), factory pre-machined case, all Yamaha Genuine bearings, precision cut gears, speedometer calibrator, and gaskets are included. There is no grinding, shipping of the transmission or guesswork involved!

Yamaha GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit

The Yamaha GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit works well when adding larger tires to your YXZ1000R

GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit Features:

  • 30% reduction on original gearing for balanced close ratio performance
  • 70% reduction to 1st gear from OEM for ultimate low speed crawling
  • Includes new MCU (shift computer for YXZ1000R SS only) optimized for use with the Gear Reduction System for perfect shifts in all situations
  • The speedometer calibrator provides the ability to adapt to various tire sizes for precise speedometer reading
  • Works great with various Yamaha offered tire sizes (26”-31”) allowing you to dial in your exact tire setup/size
  • Yamaha Genuine Accessory Tire Kits, available exclusively through Yamaha, are highly recommended and perfectly matched for the ultimate riding experience
  • Dealer installation recommended 


  • $999.99 for YXZ1000R (2HC-E7530-V0-00)
  • $1,299.99 for YXZ1000R SS (B57-E7530-V0-00)


Part # 2HC-E7530-V0-00
YXZ1000R(2017, 2016)
YXZ1000R SE(2017)
Part # B57-E7530-V0-00
YXZ1000R EPS SS SE(2017)
YXZ1000R SS(2017)
YXZ1000R SS SE(2017)
Yamaha YXZ1000R EPS SS SE

Yamaha YXZ1000R EPS SS SE with GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit

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