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American Founder Isn’t Tired of Tires, 
He’s Simply Grateful to be an American

    ST. LOUIS, MO –Sept. 28, 2010– Honor, Guts & Glory™ is a new on-line apparel company and web forum with an unmistakable message. Each T-shirt, hat, decal and bag proudly displays the Honor, Guts & Glory™ name and waving flag logo, which testifies to the traits of American servicemen, servicewomen and their families who have made sacrifices for our freedom.

“Most Americans have no idea how much is sacrificed on our behalf.  Those who do understand the sacrifice don’t always know HOW to show their appreciation to servicemen, servicewomen and their families.  Well, HERE’s one simple way,” exclaims founder Michael L. Green. “Post on it, wear it or share it,” he adds, describing how people can use the website, gear and forum. is founded on one ideal – to honor, respect and thank all patriots who have served our country in various ways.  The website includes blogs, photos, stories, videos and logo gear.  “We wanted to create a place where selfless Americans can be honored,” said Green.  So he’s creating a web exchange and archive of people who truly contribute to American society.

An All-American tire company may not seem like the ordinary parent of a web-based apparel company with a message.  Then again, St. Louis-based Pit Bull Tires’ founder is no ordinary businessman.

 “I’m an American! That’s the connection,” Michael L. Green replies when asked about the ties between tires, this new site and himself.  “I’m choosing to remind people that there are men and women out there sacrificing for all of us (here and abroad) and that they are truly the best of us. They are the anchor of our freedom – what keeps American ideals from being washed away.  Remembering the sacrifice of others makes us grateful for the lives we have and helps remind us to appreciate our lives, our freedom and our loved-ones.”

For years, Green has embossed “Honor, Guts & Glory™” on his Pit Bull Tires, so his customers can literally drive home this message about the men and women who serve our country.  The rest of us can simply wear it, by visiting the gear page at sells simple products on-line, for people who support the message.  The ultimate goal is to not only create an archive and spread the message, but also to support charities that help the people HGG is honoring, such as the Wounded Warrior Project and

The site encourages sharing short stories of heroes on the web.  Submissions and photos can be sent to Honor, Guts & Glory™ through the “Submit Your Story/Photo” link at

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