Kubota RTV 1140CPX

Kubota RTV1140CPX 4×4

Kubota RTV1140CPX

Kubota RTV1140CPX 4×4 Information:

Kubota adds a transformable four-passenger model to its popular 4-wheel drive utility vehicle lineup with the new RTV1140CPX. This innovative RTV features a transformation system that quickly converts from one-to-two-row seating options, allowing the operator to choose between additional passenger capacity or best-in-class cargo space, depending on the task at hand.  The innovative rail system is mounted on the OSHA-compliant roll-over protection structure (ROPS) to allow easy and seamless transitions when converting from the one- to-two row seating options.  

“The RTV1140CPX provides exceptional comfort and safety accommodating four adults, as well as unmatched cargo configurations, capacity and convenience,” says Dan Muramoto, product manager for Kubota.  “The RTV1140CPX is much anticipated and has exceptionally broad appeal, from ranchers and farmers to property owners, facility managers and outdoorsmen; this new utility vehicle is a unique solution for a wide variety of applications.”

Additional Seating and Cargo Space:  The Best of Both Worlds

With the RTV1140CPX’s innovative three-step conversion, operators no longer have to choose between expanded cargo space and a four-passenger utility vehicle – they can have the best of both worlds.  Retractable seatbelts and a hydraulic lift bed, functional in both seating modes, come standard on all RTV1140CPX models. When additional cargo space is needed, operators simply follow the three-step conversion:

  •  Unlatch cargo screen, slide forward and secure
  • Flip up the rear seat and open front-quarter cargo box sides
  • Unlatch front wall of cargo box, flip into place and secure

More Options, Reliable Kubota Power

The RTV1140CPX 4-wheel drive utility vehicle is powered by a three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with 24.8-horsepower, 4-wheel wet disc brakes and hydraulic power steering. The RTV1140CPX also features a new VHT Plus transmission that delivers easier gear-shifting and smoother dynamic braking. Maximum cargo load is 1,102 lbs., with a towing capacity of 1,300 lbs. The new RTV is offered in Kubota Orange and Realtree® Hardwoods Camouflage models.

Kubota RTV1140CPX 4×4 Specifications:

  • Engine – 3-cylinders,Water cooled 4-cycle, diesel, OHV
  • Horsepower – 24.8
  • Displacement – 68.5 (1123)
  • Power-Steering
  • 2 Row or 1 Row Seating
  • Convertible Bed
  • Gear Selector – Hi-Med-Lo range forward, neutral, reverse
  • Towing Capacity – 1300 lbs. 
  • Length – 137″
  • Width  – 60.8″
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 7.9 gallons

Kubota RTV1140CPX Photos:

Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX

Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX

Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX Kubota RTV 1140CPX

Kubota RTV 1140CPX

Manufacturer Info:


Torrance, California

Kubota RTV 1140CPX

Kubota Corporation of Japan was established in 1890 and is known for their agricultural machinery (tractors, mowers, etc.).

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