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Can-Am Maverick R Spark Plugs

EVP has designed and tested a very high-quality, direct replacement spark plug for the Can-Am Maverick R. The Maverick R spark plug differs from a non-projected tip. Using a non-projected tip spark plug on the Maverick R allows less heat to be transferred from the combustion process into the spark plug, which allows for a more aggressive calibration without the potential for detonation. We gap the plugs in-house so they are ready to install when they arrive to you.

Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs feature a non-projected silver center electrode and conventional open spark type ground electrode that performs well in igniting high octane fuel mixtures associated with alternative fuels like gasoline, E85 blend, alcohol, and race fuels.

Silver is the best electrical and thermal heat conductor, making it an ideal material for a spark plug core electrode. It can dissipate heat fast, resulting in lower overall spark plug temperatures and a more powerful spark. The stronger the spark, the faster and better the flame front and flame speed, giving a smoother, higher RPM range in engines.


  • Fires properly even if fouling occurs; common standard plugs fail
  • Silver center electrode, best thermal (heat) & electrical conductor
  • Lower voltage requirement
  • Reduces wear on coil, leads, and other ignition parts
  • 1.5mm Silver wire center electrode

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