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Can-Am Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS Long Term Review

Can-Am Maverick MAX

Can-Am Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS
Long Term Review

Can-Am Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS
2014 Can-Am Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS

We just picked up a brand new 2014 Can-Am Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS demo unit.

The all-new 2014 Can-Am Maverick MAX 1000R four-seat side-by-side is purpose built to raise both the performance and comfort levels of the modern multi-passenger off-road vehicle. The MAX offers the same class-leading performance (101-horsepower), handling and ergonomic influences of the two-seat Maverick 1000R, but also benefits from industry-exclusive Can-Am design elements. With a 29.5-Inch longer wheelbase, Dynamic Passenger Comfort system and stadium-style rear seating, the 2014 Maverick MAX 1000R is engineered to accommodate multiple passengers. The Maverick MAX vehicle also has a larger hydraulic disc brake system up front compared to the standard Maverick two-seater.

The Maverick MAX platform is available in both a standard model and the X rs DPS performance package, which includes Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering, Visco-Lok QE, FOX 2.5 Podium performance shocks, beadlock wheels, X-Team graphics, two color choices and more. The X rs DPS platform also receives the updated 3-D analog / digital gauge background package.

Trips in our Maverick MAX

2015 UTV Industry Ride in the Maverick MAX

Can-Am Maverick MAX

Family Fun in the Can-Am Maverick Maxat the Idaho Dunes UTV Invasion

Can-Am Maverick MAX

Rally on the Rocks –Can-Am Maverick MAX takes on Moab at Rally on the Rocks

Can-Am Maverick MAX

Kane Springs, ID – For a quick afternoon run to the desert it couldn’t have gone much better.  The maiden UTV voyage for the kids was a success.  My five year old daughter was asking when we could do it again. My wife had some time behind the driver’s seat while I snapped a few photos. She was surprised how easy it was to drive, now I better watch out, I may be losing some driver seat time!

Can-Am Maverick MAX X rs DPS

Read More: First Trip in the Maverick MAX

Accessories Installed on our Maverick MAX

GMZ 30” Kahuna Tire on 14” LiteLoc Beadlock Wheel

GMZ Race Products30” Kahuna Tire

  • DOT Approved – 8 ply Radial
  • Heavy Duty Sidewall
  • Self Cleaning Tread Design

14” LiteLoc Beadlock Wheel

  • True Beadlock
  • 8mm High Grade Bolt System
  • Heat Treated Cast Aluminum
  • Only 15 lbs.
  • 1,000 lb. Load Rating
  • Lifetime Manufactures Defect Warranty

Speed Strap Heavy Duty 2” Ratchet Strap Tie Downs

Speed StrapHeavy Duty 2” Ratchet Strap Tie Downs

  • 3,300 Lb. Work Rating
  • Integrated axle strap
  • Black CAD Plated Snap Hooks
  • Wide Soft Touch Grip and Release
  • Barrel End Caps

Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS Package

Much like the base Maverick 1000R X rs DPS package, the MAX X rs DPS includes Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering, which features the exclusive Visco-Lok QE front differential, FOX 2.5 piggyback shocks racing-inspired graphics, lightweight 12- inch aluminum beadlock wheels, and other specialty add-ons. Available in either a black-and-yellow finish or the new white with Can-Am Red and black schematics, the Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS also wears the same updated 3-D analog / digital gauge package.

Tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)

Calibrated specifically for use in the Maverick 1000R side-by-side family, BRP’s Tri-Mode DPS system offers variable steering assistance and is designed to offer less assist at high speed and more assist at low speed. It also allows the driver to dial in his or her preference with three modes (Hi, Med, Lo).

Visco-Lok QE

All DPS-equipped Can-Am side-by-side vehicles include Visco-Lok QE calibration giving an even quicker engagement of the front differential. It progressively transfers power from a slipping front wheel to the gripping one – automatically with no buttons to push or levers to pull. Plus, there’s no wheel hop or driveline wind-up so the system is totally transparent to the driver and extremely easy to steer. Can lock up to 100 percent with no rev or speed limiter. This differential, unlike some competitor’s differentials, does not have a speed or rev limiter. DPS and Visco-Lok QE, when, combined, improve handling and performance in slow-speed technical terrain.

Updated 3-D Analog / Digital Gauge

The Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS has the same upgraded gauge package found on other model-year 2014 XT, X and Limited vehicles. This system includes a 3-D background for enhanced visual clarity. Featuring state-of-the-art instrumentation with an analog tachometer and speedometer combined with an advanced digital information center.

Two color schemes with X-package graphics and seat trim

The Can-Am X-Team-inspired black-and-yellow plastic is joined in 2014 by an all-new white with Can-Am red and black color schematic. Both colors include X-package graphics and sponsor logos to enhance the high-performance looks.

FOX 2.5 Podium Performance Shocks

Developed in collaboration with FOX, the high-grade FOX 2.5 Podium Performance shocks make their first appearance on a factory-built side-by-side vehicle. The re-buildable shocks sit at all four corners and are fully adjustable for Dual-Speed Compression (DSC) and rebound. The 2.5 Podium shocks offer a high-volume 6-inch piggyback oil reservoir and specially formulated oil for improved flow and heat dissipation. Proven technologies such as upper and lower spherical bearing mounts, velocity-sensitive damping control and a high-flow piston, optimize performance in varying terrain. They are designed to be extremely durable with a hard-anodized 2.5-inch aluminum body, forged aluminum piggyback body cap and a 5/8-inch hard chrome-plated, heat-treated shaft. To maintain supreme control, the FOX shocks’ extension velocity after compression can be fine-tuned to optimize vehicle control.

12-inch aluminum beadlock wheels

The Maverick MAX 1000R X rs DPS uses same 12-inch aluminum center-less, computer-optimized wheel design as the standard Maverick, but also mates a full-function yellow beadlock (mechanical fastening device) that makes it nearly impossible for the tire to break its bead from the wheel during heavy acceleration or cornering.

Custom steering wheel

The three-spoke steering wheel is outfitted with molded grips and a brushed aluminum centerpiece to add to the Can-Am side-by-side’s performance looks.

X-package seat trim

Stitched with the X Package logo and highlighted with white and yellow highlights, the seats on the Maverick look like they were taken right out of a racecar.

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